Expanding Our REACH: Phase 4


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expanding our REACH


Phase 4: Clay Studio & Conference Room



Total Project Budget:                    $1,200,000
Phase 4 Budget:                              TBA
Phase 4 Funding Status:               Not Started
Phase 4 Construction Status:       A 2017 or 2018 projected start date.


Phase 4 of Expanding our REACH includes:

  • REACH Clay Studio completion and upgrading will make our already-in-use clay studio even better with an updated restroom, kiln room, sinks and more storage spaces for our productive ceramic students.
  • Library and Conference Room will take the place of the former small main classroom that was utilized for 10 years as REACH’s only classroom. The library and conference room, with a direct passage into the Youth Gallery, will provide space to train and interview staff and volunteers, host smaller workshops and meetings, as well as provide a reception area for gallery exhibitions.
  • Facade on our original building (housing the library and conference room) and the clay studio building will be repaired and given fresh coats of paint to complete the renovations and improve the total curb appeal of REACH’s block of storefronts on S. Washington Ave.

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