Expanding Our REACH: Phase 2


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expanding our REACH



Phase 2: Main Hub (Main and Teen Studio Classrooms, Reception, Offices)


Total Project Budget:                  $1,200,000
Phase 2 Budget:                                $320,000
Phase 2 Funding Status:                 $265,000
Phase 2 Construction Status:        Underway

Phase 2 of Expanding our REACH includes:

  • Main and Teen Studio classrooms, doubling our classroom capacity and programming options. For 10 years, REACH utilized a single classroom space that comfortably fit 15 students. We have been resourceful in using this space. However, each new classroom will hold 25 – 30 students comfortably and provides opportunity to run programs simultaneously.
  • Reception Area will allow us to greet visitors and arriving students without disrupting classes. In the past our main entrance opened directly into our old main classroom, often creating awkward disruptions in classes. With our new main entry and reception parents can drop-off, wait for, pick-up, or register their children for REACH classes without disrupting programs in session. We are very excited to have a welcome area in our expanded REACH facility!
  • Kitchen and Offices will provide REACH staff comfortable space to focus on planning and running the organization.  The kitchen area will provide a place to set up and store healthy snacks for our after school  programs, as well as providing food storage and a staging area for REACH events, gallery openings, and fundraisers.


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