Expanding Our REACH


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Timeline and Project Goals


2003:  REACH Studio Art Center founded in November.
2010:  Search begins for a larger space in Lansing’s REO Town vicinity.
2013:  Summer – Buildings purchased with grant from the Capital Region Community Foundation.
2013:  Fall – Clay Studio opens in first renovated building.
2014:   Demolition and re-roofing.  Spaces made for Courtyard, Youth Gallery, and parking.
Large buildings gutted for future redevelopment.
2015:  Spring – Youth Gallery, Courtyard, and wall repair completed (Phase 1).
2015:  Summer – Main Hub (main and teen studio classrooms, offices, and reception)
construction begins (Phase 2a).
2015:  Fall – Main Hub (Phase 2a) completed.
2016:  Facade, Main Hub details, and parking lot (Phase 2b) are completed.
2018:  Fiber Arts Studio, Media Lab, and Performance Studio are completed (Phase 3).
2020: Clay Studio, Annex and Facade renovations (mostly) completed
(phase 4).
Total Project Budget (Estimated):              $1,350,000 est

Phase 1: Courtyard & Gallery

Total Project Budget:                $1,350,000 est
Phase 1 Budget:                              $245,000
Phase 1 Funding Status:                Complete
Phase 1 Construction Status:        Complete
Phase 1 Construction Photos

Phase 1 of Expanding our REACH includes:

  • Lansing’s first Youth Art Gallery provides public space to showcase REACH student artwork in a professional setting. The gallery provides youth experience in curating and participating in a professional exhibition furthering their engagement and skill development in the arts and leadership. The Youth Art Gallery was unveiled in March of 2015 showcasing our Teen Studio portfolio show. New youth art will be featured approximately 4 times a year. Open hours are during REACH programming or by appointment.
  • The Courtyard provides safe and beautiful outdoor space for lively summer campers during snack and lunch breaks, special events, art exhibits, and social gatherings. The courtyard is surrounded by 3 buildings which protect the area from Washington Ave traffic.  Mural walls, garden beds and a lawn area create an appealing space directly outside the gallery entrance.  Future plans include kinetic sculpture installations and more garden plantings. With the completion of the Main Hub (phase 2), students in the new main classroom will have a view into the courtyard through 3 large windows.

Phase 2: Main Hub (Main and Teen Studio Classrooms, Reception, Offices)

Total Project Budget:                $1,350,000 est
Phase 2 Budget:                                $320,000
Phase 2 Funding Status:                 Complete
Phase 2 Construction Status:         Completed Fall 2016
Phase 2 Construction Photos

Phase 2 of Expanding our REACH includes:

  • Main and Teen Studio classrooms, doubling our classroom capacity and programming options. For 10 years, REACH utilized a single classroom space that comfortably fit 15 students. We have been resourceful in using this space. However, each new classroom will hold 25 – 30 students comfortably and provides opportunity to run programs simultaneously.
  • Reception Area will allow us to greet visitors and arriving students without disrupting classes. In the past our main entrance opened directly into our old main classroom, often creating awkward disruptions in classes. With our new main entry and reception parents can drop-off, wait for, pick-up, or register their children for REACH classes without disrupting programs in session. We are very excited to have a welcome area in our expanded REACH facility!
  • Kitchen and Offices will provide REACH staff comfortable space to focus on planning and running the organization.  The kitchen area will provide a place to set up and store healthy snacks for our after school  programs, as well as providing food storage and a staging area for REACH events, gallery openings, and fundraisers.
  • A Renovated Façade on the two largest buildings means lots of great natural light forthe new classroom studio spaces and a much better appearance for the block fromtravelers along S Washington Ave. The big overhead door full of windows provides anattractive and “hip” space for our teen studio, in addition to a practical addition for transferring large works of art.

Phase 3: Fiber Arts, Performance Studio, Media Lab

Total Project Budget:                        $1,350,000 est
Phase 3 Budget:                                 $320,000
Phase 3 Funding Status:                     complete
Phase 3 Construction Status:             completed 2018

Phase 3 of Expanding our REACH includes:

  • Fiber Arts Studio will provide space for seasoned and aspiring fiber artists to learn and practice surface dyeing techniques, weaving, needle arts, sewing, and even fashion design.
  • Performance Studio will provide a large open space (approx 1600 square feet) for dance and yoga classes, small theater and music performances, events and shows as well as community meeting space.
  • Media Lab will be filled with technology for our youth to get creative with digital editing in photography, video production, and maybe even sound recording.

Phase 4: Clay Studio & Gallery Annex

Total Project Budget:                    $1,350,000 est
Phase 4 Budget:                            $290,000
Phase 4 Funding Status:              257,000 raised (and counting)
Phase 4 Construction Status:       Clay Studio complete, Annex nearly complete

 Phase 4 of Expanding our REACH includes:

  • REACH Clay Studio completion and upgrading will make our already-in-use clay studio even better with an updated restroom, kiln room, sinks and more storage spaces for our productive ceramic students.
  • Clay Studio & Gallery Annex will take the place of the former small main classroom that was utilized for 10 years as REACH’s only classroom. The Annex, with a direct passage into the Youth Gallery, will provide space to host smaller workshops and meetings and display finished student ceramic projects.
  • Facade on our original building (housing the Annex) and the clay studio building will be repaired and given fresh coats of paint to complete the renovations and improve the total curb appeal of REACH’s block of storefronts on S. Washington Ave.


Thank you to the Our Community Foundation (CRCF), City of Lansing and Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP), Gannett Foundation, Ingham County and the Power of We Consortium, The Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA), The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), The Mariel Foundation and many individual donors, who have supported our facility expansion project!

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